system crashes with green screen constantly in use or after use and when playing a game please fix

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hey my pc crashes with a green screen and wants to restart lots when im playng a game please fix this when you can


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More information is needed about the issue you are experiencing for someone to be able to fix this.
The green screen is same as a blue screen, but it is green because you are running a preview version of Windows.

Probably this will be an issue with your graphical card drivers, but not sure without more information.


When you get a Blue-Screen (Green in your case), a memory dump is created. (C:\Windows\xxxx.dmp)
This memory dump can be analysed using tools such as DBGviewer. This can give an indication of the issue. (Don't send the dump to someone you don't trust as this can contain confidential information)

On the green-screen, you also get an error message and/or a QR-code. This can already be helpful in analysing the issue.


  • what version of windows are your running (type winver in a cmd prompt)
  •  what is the system information (Hardware, drivers, system configuration, ....)
  • ...

All by all, this is probably not an issue in Windows itself...

Hope this helps you a bit on the way of fixing this issue :smile:



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