Stability in games after new update

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After Installing Windows 11 Insider Preview 25272.1000 (rs_prerelease) I have been having issues with most games running. After the game opens a good chunk of the time other applications like discord will break either freezing or going black and if I alt-tab to go to look at other applications a good chunk of the time when I tab back in the game will be frozen. I have never had any issues up until installing this update.

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@Genonome I've been having the same issue but for my whole PC would freeze except for the cursor. Even my task manager won't work, and a force reboot is my only way out.


Hoping that they fix this on the next update

I'm having the same issue with my computer becoming stuck. How can I fix it?
Me too. When i connect to edge or chrome or netflix it crashes the windows11, it freezes, always when i connect to the network but it must be a certain protocol.

I'm currently having this issue with Call of Duty: MWII. Using the Steam app, every time I hit play, I get a spinning wheel around the steam logo as it attempts to run the application. Times out every time. Other steam apps work fine.