Sound issues in Windows 11

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In May, I had to buy a new computer ASAP and got an Asus AIO V241EA. I updated to Windows 11 and I'm using beta version 22622.290 ni release. I have had problems being able to customize my audio since then.

I can no longer get the Realtek HD Audio Console, just a very bare-bones version that offers no customization. OK, so let me go into the speaker settings and use the enhancements tab.
I have no enhancements tab. I can't find a way to get it back. And I cannot customize sound at all, which is a problem, especially when watching something on any streaming service.

Speech is very soft, and I have to turn the speakers up very high. And then there will be a sound effect or music, and I get blasted out of my computer chair. I can't fix this.

I can't wear headphones as a result, or I would be deaf in a week.

As a result, anything that involves sound coming out of the speakers has me with my finger on the volume button constantly.

Is there any workaround?


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