Snip and Sketch stopped working a few builds ago

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Been having Snip and Sketch trouble since last few builds. 18990 included.
When Screen snip button is selected from action center and an area is selected nothing appears in notifications that a snip was saved to clipboard. However the snip can be pasted to Paint or other apps. It never appears in the Snip and Sketch app either.
When the Snip and Sketch app is opened and new is selected, an area can be highlighted to selected. The area copied doesn't show up in the app for editing but can be pasted into other apps.

So, in both cases the snip is making it to the clipboard but the Snip and Sketch app isn't getting it.
I've tried to uninstall the app but it still opens from the action center button so can't really be uninstalled to reinstall. The app reports version 10.1907.2741.0
Is this a known issue or is there something I can do to fix it?

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I have a similar problem. posted it here

you can open up that feedback and choose "add a similar feedback".

LOL, what are the odds, it was me that applied to a lottery ticket. :lol:

Oh haha I see it now, it's a small world :D