Moving from Windows 11 to Insider Dev Channel.

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I ask you to help me make the transition to the Windows 11 Dev channel from the release version of Windows 11. I contacted technical support, they gave me a link where I could register, and they told me to wait for a notification by mail. A day has passed, there is no notification, there is nothing new in the center. Please help me with the transition. Thanks.

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Thanks, but I'll wait for instructions by mail.

You can move from Windows 11 to Insider Dev Channel with the simple steps I have listed below.

  • Hold the Windows + I to launch windows settings.
  • Navigate to the Windows update section.
  • Select the Windows insider settings option.
  • Next, choose the Beta Channel option.

Finally, restart your computer and come back to the page to see if any change has occurred.

When you are done and feel like leaving the Windows Insider Dev Channel to your Windows 11, you can read here for complete steps.

Can I choose Dev channel?

@andrewdayko Yes, you can. By my understanding, Dev channels Windows version: is quite technical, and you are only advised to choose this channel if only you know what you are doing (Have a good technical background).

While Beta Channel: is for testing newly added features and changes, this is a more stable version than the Dev Channel version. You can typically run daily softwares on this OS version.


If you are registered, you will be able to download the ISO and update it in place, but you definitely need to make copies of your personal files!

do not download any additional tools - only from the official Microsoft website

 Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

I used the Dev Channel version from August to October. The stability was fine with me. The bottom line is that Channel Dev updates are newer and slated for release in 2022. I want to try them first.
You will need to ensure your PCs Optional diagnostics data is turned on in Settings. Once you have that done, go to Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program. From there you can link your account you registered with the program and choose your channel preference. Please note, that if you choose Dev Channel and decide later that you want to move to a different channel, or back to release, it will require a clean installation of Windows.