Monitor won't sleep

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This was reported on the Insider Feedback Hub about 3 months ago when I downloaded release 20161.  It has been subsequently reported a number of times, up to the latest build, 20231, and still is exhibiting the same issue.


Someone at MS left a message indicating that they were making some changes to this action and to change the PC Sleep option from "never" to just a long time.  This was done but has not corrected the problem.  I don't want to put my PC to sleep, as I frequently use TeamViewer to monitor my PC remotely.


I want to make sure that this is indeed a problem with the OS and not with the monitor before I have to go back and get it replaced on warranty.  


It did work as it should before I downloaded 20161.


My monitor is a Samsung 32" curved monitor, C32F391.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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@dcollens Can you tell me how you have your monitor and pc sleep settings configured?



I have monitor st to sleep at 25 minutes. PC to sleep at 36 hours.

@dcollens Something doesn't sound right based on my understanding. I know there was an issue when the device was set to never. Can you please file a new feedback in Feedback Hub? Make sure to use the Power and Battery > Sleep category. Attach any screenshots of your settings as well. Once you have done that, please share the link with me and I'll see if I can get it in front of the right folks.



@Eddie Leonard 

Input new feedback on the hub.


@dcollens New link

Power settings

Looks like I cannot save screenshot, and I couldn't see it in the Feedback Hub.  But it was sleep at 25 minutes and sleep at 45 hours.