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The new media player which replaces groove music is really lacking features and has some odd quirks groove music did not have.


1) Any audio files do not show the correct time elapsed or time remaining. Every song shows 00:00 and 00:00. Video files do not have this issue.

2) Music library, artist icons are missing, shows default icon. Songs are stored in the weirdest way; artist will be listed multiple times. Seem like albums are listed by file type and there is no option to switch this off.


Once again none of these issues exited in groove music


I have unisntalled the app, reset, done everythign I can still refuses to work as it should.


These new apps are a serious downgrade. The old Windoes Media Player should have been used as a startign point and updated, the current app is far too limited. I have given this feedback in the feedback hub, but so little gets fixed.

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It's a pretty bad user experience. At least with Groove, when I double clicked a video I imported from my phone it'd near instant launch it. I just tested it on a video I imported from my phone(Blink security cam footage, mp4, 1.2MB). Instantly came up with the grey screen with the logo in the middle, then after 3 seconds, the logo went away and started getting that dancing dots line "working" indicator. After 22 additional seconds, it started playing the video. Closing down and double clicking the video again, it came up within 6 seconds and played. Right clicking in file explorer, going to open with, and selecting windows media player was less than 2 seconds to start playing for those "there's something wrong with your computer" folks. This is highly repeatable. Any video I haven't opened in the new media player app gives this same 20+ second delay before first playback and future "quick"(er) playback. It's a symptom of authors of these apps either having state of the art development machines or not dog fooding their own apps.


I'm not able to get the new Media App after I reset my system due to some registry error. I'm in Beta Insider channel. I've already re-enrolled myself in the beta channel after resetting, which was 4-5 days ago. Please help me again experience the new Media App...

I think with the current state of this app, you are lucky to actually not have it. There are so many better media players. Even the Old Windows Media Player that is still included in Windows 11 is far better than this really poor piece of software.

@PurSpyk Oh! Before I could read your message, I found out what was wrong - I installed Groove Music (it wasn't pre-installed), and from an update to that via MS Store, I got the new Media App.

Anyways I till now have no issues with it...

The program only works when it wants to. Crashes when it wants. I am missing many songs, albums, and artists from the new media player app. The sort by is missing selections. The auto refresh doesn't work correctly. It doesn't remove songs. There is no longer a total amount of songs and total length on the main Music library screen. The artist and album artist are very slow refreshing and missing pictures. Groove gave me issues but nothing like this!!
'Time remaining' does not function properly; play next track does not work properly; revised metadata does not save properly. This should not have been allowed to be implemented without much greater care and quality control. Poor show.
I've just migrated to W11 and the 'new' MP.
I agree it seems to be a backward step to Groove in a number of ways !
My major gripe is the way it sorts Artists so the Beatles are now under T (The Beatles).
Groove had the 'Sort As' option although its catalogue entries almost always defaulted to
e.g. 'Beatles, The' anyway.
Is there an easy way to fix this? Maybe I'm missing something as a new user?
Is it still possible to 'Groove'? I tried it in the Search box and it didn't show as an app?
Thanks for any help !

@ritester There's not a setting to fix this unfortunately.  I'm slowly changing The and Lil to the back manually.