Issue with Sound and network button at taskbar

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Hi anybody,


Could you please help me with my issue? I ran into the one small, but pretty annoying problem after I upgraded Windows 10 to Windows 11. The Network and Sound buttons in the right bottom corner don't work. 



This is the only thing I get when I am trying to switch audio or network settings. 


My wife upgraded her laptop from Win 10 to Win 11 as well, and she did it without any issue. 


Is it possible that this issue appears just for desktop computers, which doesn't have also battery settings within that alligned group of buttons? 


Is there any way how I could fix this issue? As I said it is not a major issue, but it's quite annoying since I have to go to settings to swap sound output device or turn on/off wifi. 



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Did you try to run a troubleshooter and check the drivers are updated?

Let me know,
Yes, I've tried everything and the only thing what fixed the issue was the complete reinstallation of the whole windows 11.