Issue with installing the Stable full release of windows 11

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So I applied for the windows insider program to get Early access to windows 11 and Check it out, And I'm pretty sure at the time I did it was only for the Dev channel, so I applied for the dev channel and got windows 11 prereleases that of which I have the latest version installed. And right now I'm having a problem trying to figure out to install the full release that was out October 5th, On my device that is on the Windows insider dev channel running the latest pre-release.

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Hi please unregister the Insider program and perform a clean installation of Windows

This will delete your personal files and format the drive

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

Will i be able to use the "Reset this PC " option or Uninstall the dev insider prereleases using the "uninstall updates" ?
Yes, but you will still stay with the Dev version, and updates will still be pushed for Dev. - this prevents the installation of a stable version of Windows11
In the RP channel of the Insider program - it would be possible, but Dev. is a non-productive version.
Can i install windows 11 directly with the Media Installation tool? or do i have to download windows 10 and then update to windows 11

Yes, of course you can install Windows11 directly, using the media creation tool, but your personal files will be deleted remember
Good luck