Insider beta - vertical bars on all white backgrounds


I just joined the Windows Insider Program, and after the installation, all white backgrounds now have brown vertical bars across them:



I restarted, I updated the (UHD) graphics driver, nothing seems to help except where I can change the background.  Has anyone else seen this, and is there a solution? 

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Hi, I don't see the bars in this screenshot, so it's a problem with the computer - do you also see vertical bars on the additional monitor?



@Andrzej1 Thanks for your reply.  That's interesting.  I took a screenshot and extracted the part of the image containing the vertical bars and pasted that into the message.  (Normal snipping obscured it.)  It was happening on both monitors.  As it turns out, over the weekend, the problem went away.  Maybe with the latest Windows update and another reboot, something got tweaked and fixed the problem.

Yes, but I often do a hard restart - turn on file histories and save it to an external drive in case of problems, the system will automatically repair.
Good luck