HELP! Computer keeps refreshing and taskbar is missing!

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I am ruining Build 22593 and I just loaded up my computer today and my computer keeps refreshing constantly and also my taskbar is missing. I am not sure how I got into Insiders but I’d like to get out of it and just run standard Windows 11 again and still keep all my files and programs. I don’t know what to do. Please help.

P.S. I talked to someone in Microsoft support and he said to ask if anyone has a Windows 11 Insider ISO file to do an inplace which could also fix the issue. Not sure what he meant but I’m sure someone here does.

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Hi Soysauce2001 ,

Please have a look at the following :

Please care to update me if this fixes your issue either way we would like to know.

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I had tried what Sumit tried to do in that forum and I had no luck with it. I’m not sure what to do now.

@soysauce2001 you will need to roll back the update on your PC, once you have logged in, press ALT+CTRL+DEL , this will take you to a black screen with some options on it, at the bottom right hand side of the screen hold down the SHIFT button and click on the power button on the screen and select "restart".
This will take reboot your computer to a recovery options menu, then from there click "advanced" then "uninstall updates" then "Uninstall feature update" this will remove the latest update from your computer, your pc will reboot a few times during this process so leave it to run until you are taken back to your login screen. Once you have logged back in your task bar should be back and working.

Source: I have this same exact issue myself with the latest update.



You can try the following to resolve this issue:

1. access Download Windows Insider Preview ISO ( to download Win11 Build 22598

2. Mount or extract to run the setup.exe to perform an in-place upgrade.

3. When complete try to perform a restart to try it.


All of your files & apps will be remain but better to make a backup.