Dead screen since turned on after windows 11 beta update dell xps 9q23

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Greetings dear Microsoft community, 

I have these situation with my dell xps 9q23.

After updating windows 11 to beta insider release the screen gone completely black since boot up ,no data whatsoever. 

Using narrator managed to reset windows yet the same problem remains. 

Noting that the display driver already had a booting error before that ,

I had to turn off core isolation off to load the display driver -hd 4000-

And the screen is a replacement one not the original-newly installed-

Sorry for any misspelling and thank you for your help. 

Regards ,


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managed to installa fresh windows 11 installation using externaldisplay. 

internal display is dedicated by system but isn't active ,and extend or duplicate are not available .core isolation memory integrity is off due to incompatible driver -graphics -hd 4000--

the weird thing is touch is still workingthough .

please advise with solution. 

kind regards.