Changing monitor input causes windows to maximize over taskbar.

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I have this issue when changing inputs on my monitors. When going from my work computer to my pc, my pc will adjust all my windows to maximize over the taskbar. When using this browser for example, it appears as if my taskbar is hidden. However, I do not have the taskbar on autohide. If I minimize the window my task bar appears as usual, as it should. Any window (browsers, spotify, discord, etc...) that is maximized covers the taskbar. The only work around I have found for this is by adjusting the display resolution, and then reverting. Something about the temp resolution change causes the functionality to return to normal. I have ran all updates and cannot find anyone that has reported similar issues.

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I am having this exact same issue. I have been correcting it by switching my main display to a secondary screen and back again, kinda similar to adjusting the resolution and reverting. This is still not a good solution however.
I’m sorry to hear that. I found a post on the Microsoft Community forum that describes a similar issue 1. According to the post, when changing inputs on the monitors, all windows maximize over the taskbar. The user has found a workaround by adjusting the display resolution and then reverting it back to normal. This seems to restore the functionality to normal 1.

Another post on the same forum suggests that holding down the Windows logo on the keyboard and typing P (for “Projector”) until the Computer-only option is selected can fix this issue 2.

I hope this helps!

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