Can't update to windows 11(cFosSpeed Driver)

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i ran the PC health check software to see if my PC was capable of running windows 11,it checked out fine, but when i go to my updated and click to install the windows 11 upgrade i get the error that i need this driver. I've never heard of  it and when i search for what it is I get sites trying to sell me the driver. is there a way around this or is this driver actually needed for the upgrade to continue?

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Uninstall Turbo LAN, it's related to that.

@Blackgravity it’s normal it’s integrated thing for MSI gigabyte and some other motherboards to help with connection speeds I don’t know what is the driver for windows 11 but if I find out I’ll tell you

@BlackgravityI have the same problem. Trying to sell me an upgrade for this program. My Pc is from MSI. I saw it's MSI related.