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Can't update the build 16288.1 (rs3-release)

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 When update the new build 16288, I get the notice "An update is being prepared for your device, but it's not quite ready yet. We'll keep trying or you can try again now" (with error 0x80240034)

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Hello. This build encountered some bugs in specific languages such as the GERMAN language so do not worry too much, the Microsoft team is trying to improve it.

I posted this yesterday.  It worked for me and several others:


I finally got mine to install and now everything is working fine.  Here's what I did:

Rean this entire instruction.  I had the same issue with the previous update and following to step 3 fixed the problem.  With this latest update 16288, there was a new wrinkle

  1. Reboot PC
  2. navigate to C / Windows / Software Distribution / Downloads
  3. Delete the entire contents of the download folder 
    (this had worked for me on the last the release but didnt at first, read the additional steps and comments) 
  4. Now navigate to C Drive and right click C, select "Properties" then click "Disk Clean-up"
  5. When the pop up opens, select from the bottom left "Clean up system files" then selct everything
  6. Let the process run
  7. When the C drive had been cleaned, Reboot the compter
  8. Check for updates and you should get a clean download and the update will install.

On this particular update.  simply deleting the C / Windows / Software Distribution / Download folder didnt work.  After I deleted it, it started downloading again.   If when trying to delete the download folder you get a message that the folder or a file is in use and connot be deleted.  Just wait.  Use the search box and type in "Windows Update"  then selct check for updates.  If the update is downloading you'll see where it is at in percentage terms.  Wait till 100% or complete and the message says waiting for system restart or reboot    DO NOT REBOOT.   Now you can follow the instructions above.  This worked for me after 6 failed attempts to get 16288 update.

Thanks a lot, Andrew! I changed my OS language to English (US) and it worked.

I follow the same steps. Wait to download the update 100% then delete all content in forlder download and clean up the disk as described. Then i select "update and restart" and after restart complete i went to control panel to check for update again. After that i saw that it will download newer version than 16288. The new version 16291 was installed correctly

Thanks for the suggestion. Tried it though but did not work. 


16291.0 has just been released. Updated and install when through fine.

version 16291 installed first time

For me Windows just updated it in automatic, but my screen resolution screwed up to 1600x1200 from 1920x1200 :\

Worked for me too , but i have a question , where you said Remove all file from Download folder , do you put them back in after installing , i was afraid to delete them not knowing what they were for?

I am getting an error message that the update can't be installed because Symantec Endpoint Protection isn't compatible with the update. I've never had SEP installed. I tried all the things listed. I also ran CleanWipe, rebooted and still no luck. Any other suggestions?

Make a clean install for your computer.

I always run the Windows update trouble shooter, (download it) most of time that helps after a reboot.


and this sometimes helps as well


the same problem !

You can not reference that output to succeed for installation.

i'm getting Error 0x80070002 for the install for Windows 10 Insider Preview 17017.1000 (rs_prerelease) anyone know the fix