Can't go from Windows 11 dev channel to release version

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I installed the Windows 11 preview from the dev channel back in July without issues and now I'd like to get the release version the 5th of October, but everything is greyed out: beta channel, release preview channel and "unenroll this device when the next version of Windows releases", so the only thing I can do is roll back to Windows 10 and then get Windows 11. Why are they all greyed out? Isn't there a way to bypass the roll back?

I also got a new dev channel update and I don't know if I should install it, my top priority is to get the release version in 3 days.

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Yes, it is necessary to perform a clean installation of Windows10 , but all personal files will be formatted, so make copies beforehand.
Dev version. it also requires you to unregister your device from the insider program to get a stable version of Windos11

@Andrzej1 thanks for the info! Can I download Windows 11 iso when it releases and make a clean install over the dev version (this time backupping files) skipping Windows 10? Or maybe I need to do it from Windows 10 to 'upgrade' my license anyway?

Now - To get stable Windows11 - you need to have Windows10 , only participants of the RP insider channel - do not need to perform a clean installation,
But when Windows11 stable will be released, you will probably be able to install stable Windows11 immediately after deregistering the device
That would be nice, I'll wait the release day then and see if I can do that. Thanks again!
Microsoft needs to do something about this issue

@FeelLikePhil It is possible to start Regedit, go to 'Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsSelfHost\UI\Selection' and change the option 'UIBranch' to another value. For instance, switch from 'Dev' to 'ReleasePreview'. However, I'm sure this is not officially supported and doing so can bring some unexpected results. In other words, Microsoft seems to protect you from getting into trouble.

As far as I know, the option is only greyed out when you've selected 'Dev' earlier. There is no option to switch to maintain continuity. Since the ‘Dev’ channel gets the latest features ahead of the other two channels, Windows does not have the necessary tools to carry out the swift onboarding process. To move from one channel to another, the build of the destination channel has to be newer than the channel you are currently on. I'm afraid a clean install will be your best option.

i tried that and restarted my computer, it automatically changed back to Dev again..

@omarrayyanxx That's really weird. I changed the setting (reg key) and even after several reboots, it is still there and active for sure. The option 'Stop getting preview builds' says 'Queued for unenrollment' now. I guess, we have to wait and see.

This is literally the worst choice to install an OS Microsoft has ever did. I updated my main system to it because I figured I'd just get new builds as I've always done, then all of a sudden, I'm stuck on a build and can't do anything about it!? I don't want to reinstall years of data again, I don't have time for that. This is an actual issue, and MS better fix it.

@G_JongeneelRegedit says there was an error when I try changing it, any help?

@oofboi Did you try starting Regedit with 'Run As Administrator' option?

I've ended up doing a clean install of Windows 11 over the dev version because I don't think this transition will get supported, it's called "dev" for a reason. Doing this I solved some specific bugs I had and a clean install is also healthy for the OS so I'm glad I did it. I'm using an ssd + hdd setup and I usually move the data on the hdd and clean install the OS on the ssd, so it's an easy process for me (I only need to reinstall apps and backup their data before). However if you need to go back to the release branch I hope you sort that out.

With this trick I was able to get the greyed out "leave Windows developer program" etc... to be active. I changed the dev to ´ReleasePreview´ and booted my PC. After that I was able to move the slide cursor to the right and now I am in queue to leave the dev program. I hope this trick is good later on when I could download some working stable build for official Windows 11... The upgrade assistant or media creation tool won´t work at the moment (december 2021). I have repaired computers for some years now and even yesterday I was able to correct horrible issue (audio and lan/wlan not working after client installed Windows 10 21H2 build) by offline installing a new version on top of the corrupted one with Windows 10 2004 build... So I am very disappointed in Windows 11 that you cannot do the same offline installation with it/inside it. Let´s wait and see what happens...
This will not work. You now have your PC in a bad state. The only way to leave the Dev Channel is with a clean install. You will now be stuck on the build you have currently installed.
If I reinstall windows 10 like you said, what about my MS office? Is it automatically link with my account?


Unfortunately, you will have to reinstall  MS.Office and other programs from outside the Microsoft Store too.

But check if your system activation has been synchronized with your Microsoft account - this will automatically synchronize the digital license at startup.