Can only share files in one direction between two computers with the same microsoft account

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I have two computers with new Windows 11 Pro installations. I can access the desktop from the laptop but not the other way around.  The Share profiles and Security Profiles for each shared folder are setup identically. 

I have a windows 10 computer that can connect to the Windows 11 Pro with no problem. It also cannot connect to the Laptop.


I can see the shared folders, I just can't open them. 


I have worked on this for 2 days changing settings on both computers and the only time I can open the shared folder is if I set them to be available to Everyone or no passwords which is unacceptable.


Prior to deleting the Homegroup system, networking my home computers was pretty easy.  Am I missing something? Right now I am using "SneakerNet" to share files.

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Generally, as long as both of your Windows devices were connected to the same network you may setup the desired folder on one device then setup with correct NTFS permission + share permission the rest of Windows device should be able to access without any issues.



I have attempted to connect in CMD use net use \\Laptop\shared /user:laptop\user

and entered the password required to login to my microsoft account.


Error 86 every time password is not correct.

>net share

shows pretty much the same thing on the laptop as  it does on the desktop.  The desktop has more drives but thats the only difference


FIXED! I had to turn off windows Hello. which required that I enter my password and this fixed the problem. WHY Microsoft WHY? This is a BUG. 


Microsoft, You must fix this....Require a password be registered with the account during installation so that it gets registered for networking use. This would prevented several days wasted trying to figure this out.  UGH.



Well, glad to hear that.

That's the normal to require Windows Hello authentication instead of the password... Not a bug here.

You could try to perform the remote control with mstsc it would require Windows Hello by default. :)

I dont think Hello is a bug, but I do think its a bug that I was able to install windows 11 pro without entering my Microsoft account password. The installation process just sent me an email with a confirmation code, and asked for a pin while installing. Without manually turning off Hello, then removing the PIN then entering the password I would never have been able to open shared files.