Calendar events disappeared from taskbar in Windows 11 insider build

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I am on the following windows build:

Edition Windows 11 Home Single Language
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎24/‎07/‎2021
OS build 22000.100
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 421.18901.0.3


In Windows 10, the taskbar calendar used to show events of the day. That has disappeared in Windows 11. Is there a way to enable this?

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@kishorehari I have the same issue. Also the events added to the calendar app wont show in taskbar calendar. It just shows a calendar with no functionality whatsoever. You can click a date but can't add anything. Super frustrating, it's a function i use every day!


Windows 11 Home
Version 21H2
Build v22000.100
Windows Feature Experience Pack 421.18901.0.3

@ralph1988  There is a widget panel when you swipe from the left, there you can add the calendar widget but it became a downgrade.

- Clicking events opens up outlook calendar on the web instead of the app

- Calendars from other accounts aren't included, you'll have to import into your main account for it to be available in the customize widget options



@tokgrumps Correct, but it feels silly to open the newsfeed with widgets to see my events. The taskbar calendar on the taskbar now has no function except telling you the time and date. It shows you the month and the date, and you can click on another day (a circle appears around that date) but you can't do anything with it. It is so frustrating i can't understand why they would do this other than force you to a (almost) useless calendar widget above the newsfeed. 


PLEASE fix this we should have the choice of not using the widget calendar. Redesign Windows 10 taskbar calendar to a Windows 11 version. 

I already have a Rainmeter skin that shows the date and time, so if that is all the Taskbar calendar will be good for from now on, I have no use for it. And I am not going to use the widgets thing until MS stops having every link force users onto Edge (so I will probably never use the widgets).

Yeah, I have the same issue. It's pretty bad considering I had to synch every account on my mail to get them all show up in my calendar but I can't see them in my taskbar now. This has to get fixed because people don't want to use calendar widget since it forces you to use Edge

@randyc12There is a tool called EdgeDeflector that reroutes Edge requests to your default browser. I was hoping with Windows 11 that MS would have given up on attempting to force Edge down everyone's throat... alas, they seem to have doubled down it. Anyway, EdgeDeflector is dead useful; Chrome and Firefox both have extensions for use with Cortana (Chrometana, Foxtana) that reroutes the queries to the search engine of your choosing, so if you want to do a quick web search you don't have to to use ███████ useless Bing.

The calendar issue is irritating, I'm not sure why selecting a date is even incorporated when it has no functionality other than drawing a circle around it. :xd: But hopefully this can be of some help.