Bluetooth earphones doesn't work in Windows 11

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Some Bluetooth earphones (like Haylou GT1) don't work on Windows 11 and it was working perfectly on Windows 10.


I think the problem with the drivers and especially with the earphone driver not with the Bluetooth driver because the Bluetooth works normally with the controllers.


Just to let you know when I disable the "Haylou-GT1 Avrcp Transport" driver and keep the "Haylou-GT1" driver enable it sometimes works but with very bad quality sound so I am some kind of sure it's a driver problem and that driver provider is Microsoft so I think you can fix it.


There is a lot of people who had the same problem, look at this link:


I contacted Microsoft support and they say:
"Only our engineers have the access to its Windows 11"


So they advised me to post in here in windows insider
(I don't know why, I am not a Windows insider member, I just downloaded windows 11 when it's released for everyone.)

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Tozo does not work either. I rolled back to Windows 10 until 11 resolves it's driver issues
I have the same problem. I hope people help me fix that? Please, I can't use my headphone on windows 11

@Ameer5CT they have not resolved this problem yet :( disappointing

Yes, this seems widely impact to non-mainstream Bluetooth headsets... I would suggest you to re-post your issue via Feedback Hub app on your Windows device in order to let MS engineer to investigate this issue and fix this in next build.


We have the same problem

What is your remedy for this 

I hope the windows team recognize this problem

and make an update and solutions to this


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@Ameer5CT, I have the same earphones you have and the same difficulty. Occasionally it works on Zoom Cloud Meetings.
Have the same problem here in Haylou GT1 pro. There are many people with this problem... please microsoft fix it totally disappointing.

@Ameer5CT This is the exact issue I'm having with Linklite Elite 10 buds.

Tried all the recommendations and still nothing works. I even ran an audio test on them and I could see the volume meters changing... but no sound. 
Another thing that I noticed was they show as "voice" mainly in the bluetooth devices and sometime "music, voice".

Since this has been going on so long maybe someone SHOULD actually look at this before I bin Windows 11 for good. Nothing but issues since I changed over a few weeks ago. VERY POOR response from MS, AND I'm done with the INSIDER PROGRAM as well - what's the point if nothing gets fixed. :( 

Microsoft even deleted another thread with 88 replies on this issue. I've got a pair of QCY T5s which no longer work with my Windows 11 PC but work fine with my phone.
Any updates yet?
To this date the error is still present :(
Haylou GT1 Pro and the error is still present :(
Still not working :(
Even until now!

Still not working!


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@Ameer5CTthis worked for me

If you don't need to use the mic and want better audio quality, this solution works as well, it disables the mic however -


Both of these have to be re-applied periodically, so not a permanent solution unfortunately :facepalm: