Bluetooth earphones doesn't work in Windows 11

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Some Bluetooth earphones (like Haylou GT1) don't work on Windows 11 and it was working perfectly on Windows 10.


I think the problem with the drivers and especially with the earphone driver not with the Bluetooth driver because the Bluetooth works normally with the controllers.


Just to let you know when I disable the "Haylou-GT1 Avrcp Transport" driver and keep the "Haylou-GT1" driver enable it sometimes works but with very bad quality sound so I am some kind of sure it's a driver problem and that driver provider is Microsoft so I think you can fix it.


There is a lot of people who had the same problem, look at this link:


I contacted Microsoft support and they say:
"Only our engineers have the access to its Windows 11"


So they advised me to post in here in windows insider
(I don't know why, I am not a Windows insider member, I just downloaded windows 11 when it's released for everyone.)

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Tozo does not work either. I rolled back to Windows 10 until 11 resolves it's driver issues
I have the same problem. I hope people help me fix that? Please, I can't use my headphone on windows 11