battery draining issue after installaiton of windows 11

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battery draining issue after installaiton of windows 11

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I am also having the same issue.  In fact I have found the battery drained 40% when the laptop was off.  I unplugged it at 12pm today, left it with it's lid shut, it's not been turned on for a few days.  When I came to turn it on battery was just 60%.  I looked at usage and it said fully charged at midday and then 'system' has used 37%.  How?  It was off and closed.  Now after just 30 minutes of web browsing, battery is down to 39% with a single tab open in Firefox.  I am running a 2 year old Dell XPS 15 9570 and battery life was ok before the upgrade to W11 build 22463.100, I was on W10 21H1 before.

I have the same issue, planned obsolescence could be the answer? :(

I have same issue.. I'm using Dell G3 15 3500

battery life was about 8 hours before upgrade to windows 11 it just about 45 or 60 minutes

need help

Ya, The same issue is with me. I have Dell Inspirion 3501. The battery backup was for 4 hrs, and now it is for 45-50 mins. This is a very serious problem. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

@itsdinesh1983 I am experiencing the same issue after installing Windows 11 on my HP Pavilion Gaming laptop. Even when the laptop is in sleep mode, it still drains. 

same problem here, on my acer nitro 5
I couldn't reinstall Windows 10 :// what we can do?

I am facing some serious battery issues after installing windows 11 on my laptop. I have dell inspiron 15 3593. I was getting 4-5 hours of battery life before upgrading to windows 11. But now 45-60 minites on basic uasge of watching youtube. @itsdinesh1983 

Same on my nitro 5 buddy battery lasts only for 45 min

@itsdinesh1983 true man the battery worked absolutely fine when i was running windows 10. But the moment i updated the os, the battery capacity reduced drastically. If anyone is reading from microsoft kindly fix this issue. 

Even I have the same issue, will revert back to Windows 10 for now. Battery is seriously compromised, I have a asus zenbook 14 (2020) edition, and was comfortably getting 8-9 Hours of battery life. Now its pathetic, like 1-2 hours. 


Hey there! I have a Dell Inspiron 5502 which automatically got updated to windows 11 on 8th September, 2021. After a week I noticed that my laptop which gave me around 6-12 hours of backup gave only 2 hours of backup, I feared that my battery must have got damaged or there must be a hardware issue, later i just reverted back to windows 10 and everything is normal now!

I'm so happy now because my laptop is now giving me 6 - 12 hours of battery backup.
The probable solution for you may be to just revert back to windows 10 ASAP!
Windows 11 has many bugs and issues to be fixed it is recommended to revert back to Windows 10.

Same here too....Reverting back to Windows 10 fixed this issue for me.
I have HP ELITEBOOK PRO WINDOWS 10 upgraded to 11 today, usually it's a OS with long hours of battery life duration and after upgrade I noticed sharp reduction in battery life. I guess Microsoft should do something about this issue. very quickly Meanwhile is ''Battery status for instance, X% available (Plugged in)'' a healthy performance while on AC? In essence, it's charging properly?


Downgrading to Windows 10 will fix the issue!


I had the same issue.......I downgraded to windows 10 it fixed the problem.

Hi thanks, we are aware that Windows 11 roll out few months ago, Microsoft newer version life cycle is five years and fully deprecated after a decade, rolling back to the older version would amount to temporary measure, except the user wish to keep the older version of Windows 10, which will still be updated with this newer version, but for a limited year(s) trust Microsoft, utilizing the free windows upgrade offered by Microsoft is a great deal, if not for the draining battery issue encountered, which I hope will be corrected based on users complaints.


Everyone, I have reverted back to Windows 10 and the battery issue got fixed. Will stick with Windows 10 for now till the bugs get fixed with Windows 11.

PS: I suggest your revert back to Windows 10 as early as you start noticing weird bugs as after 10-14 days Microsoft will close the revert option. Then you might get stuck.

You're Welcome! My Pleasure.