After Windows 11 upgrade Netflix does not stream in 4K

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Need help guys. Just upgraded to Win11 and netflix does not stream on 4k at all. Everything was proper on Win10. I have 4k HDR compliant display, HDCP 2.2 compliant, Updated Gfx drivers, etc. Have the 4k plan set to High. When I search Netflix, it shows me the 4k label against the title but then it only plays 1080p.

I searched google and apparently many people are having the same issue after updating to Win 11. Does anyone have a workaround till MS can fix this issue.

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I have encountered the same issue. My desktop PC (9900k + RTX 3090) and my laptop (X1 Extreme Gen 2) both cannot get 4k on edge or Netflix App. Hopefully, Microsoft and Netflix can work together to solve this issue soon.
Is there a fix for this? I had no issues when Running Windows 10 Pro but 11 Pro and also doesn't work. I have all the required hardware (i7-10700k, z490 mboard etc), hevc codec, netflix plan etc.

@Anythingelse45 Do i have to sign-in in netflix after update from windows 10 to windows 11??

i dont have email and password to sign-in in netflix....what should i do?? will netflix logout it self or not??

Depends, Some people didnt have to, but It asked me to sign in again. Better contact netflix and check if you have to reset the password
MS and Netflix are supposed to be working on the issue. Cannot find any workaround for now
I just did a clean install of windows 11 pro due to xbox game pass and gaming services issues. - another frustrating story.
It has not resolved the issue. Still makes out at 1080p regardless what browser or the netflix app. Weird (.. and yes I have the top tier 4k plan).