After Installing Windows Insider Preview Update, windows cannot start.

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I'm in the windows insider program. After installing Windows Insider Preview Update, Windows cannot start. After some tries to restart (automatically) every time, get into recovery and start from latest restore point. It is already for a long time that I can't install windows insider update, tried to change channels and tried each channel with the same result. I think it is already some half a year that I can't update. First, I thought that maybe it is some specific version that get trouble, and waited fore newer version. But each new version got came result.

It was not always like that, and it started from some half a year. Before that there was no any issues with updates.

The insider update installation looks normal. I think if there are any errors, they are hidden. 

Maybe I can get some logs from installation process or start logs to understand an issue.

Can anybody help ?

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windows insider is new builds of os Thay are not Stable.
Have you tried reinstalling Windows?
Are you facing the same problem?
Are you facing this problem after installing new build or updating it?
I advise you to post your question on: