Driver installation on first user login

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When WIndows 10 is installed and the first time a user logs in all drivers are going to be detected.

I really wonder how this is triggered and what exactly is executing cause in a deployment scenario I'd like to find as much drivers as possible. If some drivers are not discovered we have a script that injects the missing drivers model wise (folder with missing drivers for the model).
So now we are testing a deployment where the first time login adds only a few reg keys and logs off again which in not enough time to get the drivers. 
So the big question remains: how does one trigger that automatic driver search?

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Are you referring to the automatic driver detection/installation from Windows Update? If so, I think you need to make sure that you don't have an MDM or GPO policy blocking the automatic driver installation setting (Windows Update & Drivers), and that you have Windows Update set to auto-download and schedule update installations + the setting to install updates during automatic maintenance (Windows Update Schedule Update Installations) . As long as it's configured that way, I believe WU should automatically detect and install drivers the first time a user logs in and stays logged in for at least a few minutes (and has network connectivity, of course).

I figured out why it did not work in our test-environment!
Without an activated Windows 10 automatic driver detection does not work along with other things.

Is there a page describing all the won't works?

This one cost me days to figure out cause no useful error was given.

The PowerShell module PSWindowsUpdate just jumps out and "finds" nothing.

Even using the WUapi seems to find nothing without any error.

Only the Windowsupdatelog is giving you the idea of something seems to be failing but no way why...

Very bad imho