Windows 365 on iPad with hardware keyboard – missing Polish characters


Anyone else has issues with local language characters when using hardware keyboard on iPad?

Can’t use Polish characters in Windows 365 (app and browser) when ran on iPad with hardware keyboard attached.

The characters show up on the software keyboard but are missing when using hardware keyboard like Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro.

Missing characters (all local): ę ą ś ż ź ć ł ń

The same characters work well in iPad apps with hardware keyboard.

Keyboard settings:

  • iPad OS hardware keyboard settings: Polish
  • iPad OS software keyboard: Polish
  • iPad OS language: Polish
  • Windows 365 keyboard layout: Polish Programmers
  • iPad model iPad Pro 11 M1

No similar issues on Android devices.

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iPad Magic Keyboard – Polish Characters – SOLVED!

Small letters: Globe Key + Opt + Character: ą ę ó ł ś ż ź ć ń
Capital letters: Globe Key + Opt + Shift + Character: Ą Ę Ó Ł Ś Ż Ź Ć Ń (difficult in use)