Windows 365 IP range for Azure Conditional Access

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Hey everyone, 


I am getting blocked by an Azure Conditional access rule for IP addresses whitelisting. I can whitelist the IP I am currently getting on Windows 365 but I was hoping there was a range I could whitelist so that I don't have to add each machine to the whitelisting individually? 

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@HenryWarner : Can you clarify the scenario? If I'm understanding correctly, I believe you're saying:

  1. Your organization is restricting access to specific AAD apps with a Conditional Access policy that requires the request comes from a set of IP address ranges.
  2. You are logged in to your Windows 365 Cloud PC and can't access.
  3. You're looking for a common IP address (or range) for all Cloud PCs that get created in your organization, so you don't have to add a lot of single IP addresses.

Is this all correct? Also, I see the tag for Business. Can you confirm if you're using Windows 365 Business?

Christian, thanks for clarifying!
We are trying to access an organization (#1) that has restricted apps with an AAD CAP. We are looking for (#3) a common IP address range for all Cloud PCs that get created in your organization. For example. One Windows 365 PC is 20.106.244.xx and the other is 20.112.11.xx.

@HenryWarner - Last clarifying question, is this Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs or Windows 365 Business Cloud PCs?

Windows 365 Business Cloud PCs

Any luck finding out the IP range for Windows 365 Business Cloud PCs?
I have the same issue with the same scenario. Did you find the range of IP addresses for Windows 365 Business?
Unfortunately the only solution was to move to enterprise Windows 365 where the traffic runs through your Azure tenant.
I DM you on some help with Windows 365 Enterprise. I would really grateful for your help!