Windows 365 Cloud PC Fleet Wide Last Login

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What is the best and most efficient way to run a report for the last login or connection time stamp for Windows 365 Cloud PC users? Can't seem to find anything in the reports. AAD Sign-in logs for Windows 365 Portal app?

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@askaresh Thank you so much! 

I agree with Askaresh, we use that same script. I've got a companion script I pass the results to pull manager and other AD info for reporting or contact for non-use reclamation. It would be ideal if that information were easier to see straight from the console and take actions based on.
Thanks, Aaron, exactly what we are looking to do - reclamation. Hope to see this in the portal as a report; that way, we can manage licenses. Also, session duration is much needed.

Hi, has anyone got a better option to know the usage of Cloud PC? 



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