Windows 365 App wont connect to Cloud PC

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I have a weird issue that has just started (on all my devices) where Windows 365 App won't connect me to my Cloud PC. This works fine on the same device using a browser 

Have tried diagnostics booth at Endpoint manager end and host PC. Nothing. 

have reassociated /avd files with AVD Host app - no changes


Any ideas?

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You can check the logs in %localappdata%\Temp\DiagOutputDir\Windows365\Logs on the client device for insight on which part is timing out. Azure Virtual Desktop Store App or the Remote Desktop app also seems to connect in a different way that may prove succesfull
Hiya. Yeah oddd. I did check there and nothing other than timeout messages. The following day both devices were fine. Hard to know of it was a 'blip' or an issue on my end on the lan/ Internet. Browser was fine which suggests the app or a service but strange it affected two different devices.. Will keep monitoring... Thanks