Virtual Network Creation on Azure

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Is there a Network Diagram for creating a VNET in Azure for Windows 365 Cloud PC and how most of the systems being OnPrem how the Cloud PCs will be accessing them. What all is required on the network side that needs to be setup in order to have a VNET creation. Should it be a OnPrem VNET that needs to be created in Azure or how? 


I only created the Windows 365 PCs and image for deployment but I would like to know more about the VNET creation for Windows 365 PC with most of the things are OnPrem. Appreciate your feedback and input on this and any network diagram or PoC document that I could follow.

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You can create a site-to-site vpn to connect your on-premises resources to the Azure Vnet. Tutorial - Connect an on-premises network and a virtual network: S2S VPN: Azure portal - Azure VPN G...


There is an AVD architectural reference which is kind a similar Azure Virtual Desktop for the enterprise - Azure Architecture Center | Microsoft Learn