USB Redirection and Drive Mapping

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I'm having an issue with getting USB redirection working with the Windows Remote Desktop client.  I'm trying to redirect a Topaz USB signature pad, but so far with no luck.  I've not been able to locate much in way of documentation regarding how to enable redirection.


Additionally, how would I go about disabling redirection of local drives and folders?  The client is redirecting my mapped network drives.  The same login script is running on the Windows 365 cloud PC and so the redirect is unnecessary and actually bogs down the file manager.




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@Andrew Ackman - To confirm, it sounds like you're talking about redirections to your Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PC?


USB redirection should be enabled by default for remote desktop clients that support it, like the Windows desktop client. From other users, you may need to install the Topaz USB signature pad driver on the Cloud PC.


In terms of disabling redirections, the easiest way is if you're an admin and can push Group Policy to the selected Cloud PCs. Please see our documentation for guidance - Manage RDP device redirections .

@Andrew were you able to make the he USB redirect for a signature pad works on Windows 365 ?