Teams Secondary Ringer Fails to maintain Setting when moving between sites

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I find moving between two different environments (Office and Home) where I have two slightly different dock environments, the Secondary Ringer changes itself to "None".


This is quite annoying and if I forget to manually change, I miss calls.
Changing environments is a regular weekly feature of my workflow.

Please consider adding a feature to "remember" environments that one visits regularly, and apply the settings that user set in these environments, automatically.

Automatically, as in, I do not wish this to be a regular requiremnet to be a "user initiated" change, but needs to just happen when the environment changes. Default shall be to the previous setting.

Even better, would be the ability to set a Secondary Ringer default for each environment, and this to be detected by Teams and settings change accordingly.

E.g. One Dock type uses a particular dri

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