Steps to resolve Windows 365 Business Cloud PC provisioning issue


We heard from a few customers that your Windows 365 Business Cloud PC provisioning did not work as expected! If you were affected by this issue, we've posted WP275764 on your service health dashboard (visit for more. The Windows 365 support team can also assist in resolution. If you use Microsoft Intune, we've posted MC275872 with the steps to resolve. If you use another MDM provider and not using Azure AD Premium P1 (to see the MDM configuration in the Azure AD UI) then we've attached a PDF of the steps to take to resolve. We'll also post a Message Center post to you with similar information. 

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Thank you for the post.
I have several customer tenants, with purchased Windows 365 Business Cloud PC, and provisioning issue. However, all are using Intune, so this does not apply, also Service Health is showing Healthy for Windows 365 service. Also support ticket opened, but still no response for few days on Severity A / 1 hour SLA for paid support.
Edit: after some time, it showed in service dashboard, but still unsure how to proceed since we do have normally using Intune service..., and support is not answering still

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Just reached out in a private message through this TechCommunity platform to get your ticket number. If service health doesn't show as having an advisory, or a recently posted advisory (check the history) then it's likely due to something else, but regardless, will investigate!

I have this same issue, and the PDF does not apply as I have MDM and MAM in Azure under Active Directory. I see no advisories under my portal. I have opened numerous tickets that all get closed after getting promised to get transferred to Intune support. My Windows 365 Business PC has been stuck on Setting up a PC for 5 days now. Please help.


I also have lot of tickets, but no progress on resolution from 2nd of August, so 7 days now. Escalation does not help. Error is still the same, customers are angry etc.

If anyone is still getting the “Setup failed” error, or if setup takes longer than 90 minutes after you assign them a license, we recently published a troubleshooting guide on Windows 365 Business Cloud PC setup issues and you can use the steps in this article to try and resolve:

@Intune_Support_Team I have the same issue, stuck at Setting cloud PC. Opened a support ticket last week. I already went through the provided documents for troubleshooting with support technician from Microsoft and he is radio silent now. 


Hi @aungkkhant, just reached out in a private message to get your case number so we can look into this further and flag with the appropriate folks in Intune. Thanks!