Microsoft Teams background effects generally available on Windows 365


We are happy to announce that Teams background effects are generally available on Windows 365.  


Now, users can make meetings more personalized and avoid unexpected distractions by applying background effects. Meeting participants can select one of the available images to change their background or choose to blur their background. Background effects help keep the focus on the conversation while bringing new ways to meet face to face. Background blur subtly conceals everything in the background while the participant’s silhouette remains clear and isolated.  





Getting started  

To use Teams background blur on Windows 365, please ensure the following: 

  • Minimum version of Teams Desktop Client should be or later - MSI (125MB) or EXE (121 MB)
  • Minimum version WebSocket service should be 1.1.2111.01001 
  • Minimum version of Windows Desktop Client should be 1.2.3004 

Please refer to Change your background for a Teams meeting on how to turn on background blur. 


Note: Blurring your background might not prevent sensitive information from being visible to other people in the call or meeting. 


Set up Teams on Windows 365  

New to the service? Refer to the Teams on Windows 365 documentation on how to setup Microsoft Teams. 


Teams on Azure Virtual Desktop 

Teams background effects is also available on Azure Virtual Desktop. To learn more, visit

3 Replies
Thank you for sharing, this is a great improvement.
I am wondering are you supporting the Noise Cancellation feature too?
It is in our active backlog.
Great hope to see this feature soon.