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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Fault Tolerance and DR in Windows 365

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I have been trying to get some answers to how Windows365 handles fault tolerance and DR.  What I have found and been told so far is that if there are compute and/or storage issues, the resources will move to another zone and that is great for the compute and storage portion.  What I cannot find any answers on is how is the Azure Network connection (OPNC) failure is handled.  Since the ANC connects the Cloud PC to our Azure VNet where our Domain Controllers are in order for the employee to authenticate and login to their Cloud PC what happens when that VNet has a problem?  What if the East US Microsoft region has an outage or disaster?  Does anyone have any answers on what would need to be done to get access restored to the massive number of Cloud PC's we have?  

It seems the only answers so far have been to create a new ANC in a new region to apply the provisioning policy and it will re-provision the Cloud PC's.  This is a horrible FT/DR solution and would take quite some time to provision/reprovision 1,000 CPC's.  Is this the only option to recover from a Region disruption or are there other options?




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@jasonhand  I have the same questions. If you find any solution, please let me know.