Cisco AnyConnect VPN Not Working!

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I am trying to connect to client network using Cisco AnyConnect VPN and after successful authentication I am getting below error message:


VPN establishment capability for a remote user is disabled. A VPN connection will not be established.


I understand this is a restriction from Cisco server configuration however I support multiple clients and some of them use Cisco server while others use a different software entirely so it doesn't seem reasonable to ask each one of them to update their configuration for my sake alone.


I already checked below explained hack however it doesn't work anymore.


Is there anyway on Windows 365 appliance to overcome this? Without this my Windows 365 setup would be useless. Please help!


I have created ticket # 27044074 for this issue.



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Same issue. Found a work around using the OpenConnect-GUI for Windows. It's a few years old. But works.


I got this problem when using Anyconnect in a Hyper-V environment.


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This post just resolved the issue.


Anyway, it seems Anyconnect doesn't accept a "remote" connection or any suspicious actions that make you not a local user (like Hyper-V).

Root cause of this issue from the support case that was opened was the Cisco client was old, ensure to use the latest Cisco client.

@snevas this is my exact issue.  VPN has stopped working and I cannot get any work done.  My school IT is telling me there is no fix, and they will send me a new laptop next week (I work remotely 95% of the time.)  This does not seem right to me, although they are IT experts, and I am not.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  I have done everything possible, reboot, re-install, etc.  VPN says "ready to connect" but the window to enter credentials does not appear.  An attempt to connect via Teamsviewer was made and also failed.  Thank you, Ann