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All the information i find on Windows365 and installing/configuring is always related to on-premise with azure and ad connect, etc...


Is it possible to create a Windows 365 cloud computer, without any on-premise infrastructure ?

Pratical example.  I have 2 laptops and one desktop and already using Microsoft365, All (differentlly configured), now i want one cloud-pc that is accesable from any device (without having any local servers/ad/ whatsover).



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@Jo_Lambrecht - For Windows 365 Enterprise, this is not yet available, but we are currently working on it. You can see this in our In Development article, and will be announced/added to What's new once we release it.


For Windows 365 Business, you can do this today. Here is a Tech Community post indicating the steps to begin with Windows 365 Business with a light comparison of the differences between Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise - Get started with Windows 365 Business - Microsoft Tech Community.