Azure AD Windows Cloud PC bring our Network

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We already have implemented Autopilot and Intune. The Autopilot devices are being managed by Intune. We plan to implement Windows 365 PCs but at this point should I be implementing it on Azure AD with our Network or should I use Hybrid Azure AD? 


This is something that i am kind of considering as why would we go in Hybrid Azure AD route if we can have the devices in Azure AD with our network and have a tunnel to our On-Prem network to ensure that we can access all the applications. Would that be a correct way to go? We still have not moved servers to Azure Cloud and almost everything is On-Prem.


Suggestions and any documentation and input please.

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If you want the cloud pc to talk back to the on-premise network and application that reside hybrid in the cloud and on-premise. Then you will be better off connecting the Cloud PC on the Azure vNET (connected back to on-premise using express route).

However, if you have zero dependency on the on-premise network and end-users aren't going to access any applications that need to talk back then you can go with Microsoft managed network for cloud pc.