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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Announcing GA of Windows 365 Endpoint Analytics - Performance and Remoting Connection Reports



Link to Public Preview Blog - Public preview of Windows 365 Endpoint analytics to proactively monitor Cloud PCs - Microsoft Tech Community

I am thrilled to announce the General Availability of two Windows 365 Endpoint Analytics reports, Resource performance and Remoting connection, which have been in Public Preview for the last few months. We used your feedback to improve these reports and launch them today.


Now generally available: Resource performance

The resource performance report helps Windows 365 administrators understand if users have been assigned the right set of resources for their individual needs, monitor performance, identify issues and root causes, and take proactive actions such as resize the device.

Today we show CPU and RAM spikes to provide insights on user experience and score the devices based on a proprietary algorithm that considers total usage duration and percentage of spikes to recommend a resize.  




Now generally available: Remoting Connection

A positive Cloud PC user experience relies upon the user's speed connecting to their Cloud PC and the reliability of networks. The Remoting connection report provides visibility to the quality of connections and the impact on user experience. This report displays two key charts:

  1. Cloud PC sign-in time history (ms) - This report provides the time taken between connection launch till being presented with a usable Cloud PC desktop screen. The report breaks down the data across three phases (remoting sign-in, core sign-in and core boot).
  2. Cloud PC round trip time history (ms) - This report displays the time taken for a packet to travel from end user’s device to Cloud PC and back in milliseconds.

The charts display data aggregated over a one-day period and omit those the days for which there is no data available, such as during weekends and/or public holidays. Both these performance charts provide key inputs for administrators to help assess any potential problems with Cloud PC access. You can find more information about the Remoting Connection report and what individual data points mean at Remoting connection report for Windows 365 | Microsoft Docs




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Thank you for sharing, Resource Performance is really valuable feature, and it gives administrator great insight .

Is anything required to make these visible? I don't have them.  

 endpoint analytics.png


@PaulKlerkx No action should be needed, as long as you have opted-in for EA and have Windows 365 Cloud PCs setup.