Your PC Doesn't Meet Requirement to Upgrade to Windows 11

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Windows 11 comes with new requirement and several Windows 11 devices might not be able to upgrade to the Windows 11. The requirements for the Windows 11 have been posted onWindows 11 Specs and System Requirements | Microsoft.

In addition, your CPU should be listed as compatible CPU and you may check Windows processor requirements Windows 11 supported Intel processors | Microsoft Docs and Windows processor requirements Windows 11 supported AMD processors | Microsoft Docs and if your CPU is not listed, then you won't be able to upgrade to Windows 11. In addition, you may run the and it will check and see if your system is compatible with the Windows 11 or not. 

There is a way to bypass some of these requirements but it will put your system in unsupported status and it is not recommended. I would advise those who are unable to upgrade to the Windows 11 due to requirement, file a report in the Feedback Hub app in Windows 10 and request their device to be ready for the Windows 11 and people with similar experience upvote it. This will draw the attention for the Windows team. 


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Probably the list of hardware requirements will not change anymore!
Insider program participants confirmed that Windows11 may crash after installation on computers with certain technical characteristics.
No crash for me in the last 8 days since I installed Windows 11 on a 15 year old Machine. People talk about updates but I did get my first update and daily Virus definition files as well. So the warnings by people are unfounded so far.

However, Microsoft might change the tactics when the next feature update is released but by then we'll see what to do. We can always go back to Windows 10 anyway.

I see, well I have no crashses so far. It's just a i5-7300u, it depends no yoru system. the point is that you all do this in your RISK.
I am aware of that, it is only my i5-7300u, I have all the other stuff :)
We couldn't be sure.
Currently there is no news but community really want change and we should share our concern and see how it goes.