Windows Sandbox / Hibernation on Windows 11 (potential) Bug report

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Enabling "Windows Sandbox" via "Windows Features" makes Host OS (Win 11) unable to enter Hibernation. (straight back to the login screen)
Hardware: Dell 7920T
OS: Windows 11 Professional for Workstation 22H2 Clean Install from MS official image (+Latest Update)
OS: Windows 11 Professional for Workstation 22H2 Updated from Dell official Windows 10 (+Latest Update)
Still could be hardware related but both Win11 failed to enter hibernation with enabling "Windows Sandbox" feature, until re-disabling it.

Initially, I thought it was my fault due to my faulty custom install image but as it turned out, the stock image does have the same problem.
The troubleshooting (tens of iterations of custom OS installation with different configurations) only cost me several weekends and I've aged (literally)! ha-ha.

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To understand and better troubleshoot the problem, it is recommended to open Feedback Hub app and file a bug report and make sure submit all relevant log files.
Meanwhile, check with your device's manufacturer support for any new updates. There might be a new firmware which fix this issue.
Thank you for kind suggestion.
Currently I'm trying a more stable OS so I can not provide any further information (all my firmware/drivers were updated by the way).
I googled about this problem and found someone who encountered the same-ish condition so I hope my report helps someone out of the same problem.
Thank you for your response, you may also try the Clean Boot and see if the problem persists and if not, check which services causing this issue.


Thank you for trying me out of my issue!
After the above post, I tried a clean installation from the same image on another workstation from the other maker, which does not share hardware components, and it does not have the same problem.
So, it might be hardware related (hardware itself or UEFI/BIOS, firmware, driver, and their settings) problem.
But back to 7920T (which caused this problem) and installed some additional software (for my work) on it, the problem magically disappeared.
So, I can not do any further investigation.
I'm sorry because I could not be informative.

Bugs which disappear with no obvious solution are so disconcerting.
I'd like to know the cause of this problem. but, you know, it occasionally happens.

No worries, glad the problem have been fixed.
You may check log files and event viewer and find some clues there.