windows mail exchange bug?

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I am using a clean install of W11 (21H2 Build 22000.258) on my Surface Pro 6. When I try to setup one of my email account in windows mail something weird happens. Under windows 10, the account was setup as an exchange/Microsoft 365 account just by providing email and password.


In W11, I open mail, add the account as exchange/M365 and I see the popup in the screenshot below, asking if I want to add, remove or update an email account. Regardless of what I pick, the account appears in the list of account but doesn't sync. In the process the File Picker UI Host appears on my taskbar (see the screenshot) and remains there.


Please let me know if you need additional data and thanks for your help.


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  • @v01d I have exactly the same issue, I can add the account in Windows 10 and if I upgrade to Windows 11, works fine, but on a clean install of Windows 11 I get the same file picker hi error trying to add an exchange account. Seems to be tied to adding a policy to the computer connected to the account. Haven't found or seen any solution as yet . As exchange is Microsoft own mail system, thought it would have resolved by now!!