windows 11 won't boot

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Hi, I'm running Windows 11 a clean install everytime I tried to turn windows feature (virtual machine) on after restart it wont boot.
other than that on task manager virtualization is shown as enabled, afterward I tried installing kaspersky but it show that virtualization isn't enabled. anybody can help ?

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You mentioned Windows is not boot up, so what error is being displayed?
Check with your device's manufacturer support.
Check if enabling virtualization under BIOS helps you to resolve this issue,
it just stuck on windows logo
I'm running win 11 on
Ryzen 5 5600x
gigabyte B550M-DS3H
16gb RAM
GTX 1070ti
it's enabled since I'm using AMD it's SVM
checked under task manager virtualization is enabled
under system info enabled too
Check with your device's manufacturer support.
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