Windows 11 update fears

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Windows 11 update fears
What I have is a Dell Optiplex 9010(2013).
My question is I think that I'll need 2 updates and cannot find them myself, so can anyone steer me here?
Tpm driver update from 1.2 to 2.0
Here's an image of what I need(the TPM 2.0 and the graphics card 2.0 driver)
And if this is related to an Intel HD Graphics 4000, I need Directx12 compatible graphics/wddm2. driver update from a lesser version.
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That's not gonna happen...

It's the hardware (not the software drivers) that are the issue.   You simply can not "upgrade" to TPM 2.0 and DirectX12 with the installation of drivers


I'd recommend that you just stay on Win10 forever... or until you replace your hardware with something a lot more modern

I already have Intel HD Graphics 4000 on my computer.. it's just that I thought an updated new next version of the 4000 was what I needed. I already went to the Intel website and used their driver assistant but am wary about which one to download. As far as the Tpm goes, I read where there's a "do not advise" warning when installing the Windows 11 update but it still best or greater than 1.2 version. But I cannot find a 2.0 driver for the TPM so I guess I'll have to get the upgraded hardware Tpm.
Again, the "Intel HD Graphics 4000" is describing the hardware... there is no software driver that will *ever* upgrade the hardware.

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Will this work for Windows 11 and physically fit into a Dell Optiplex 9010? Keep in mind I mainly use the computer for music production.

Does a pcie 3.0 express card affect the HD Graphics rating? I installed one years ago.

No, the GeForce 1030 graphics card is not compatible with DirectX 12
Besides, the CPU in your PC isn't compatible with Windows 11


There is literally nothing you can do with your existing PC in order to make it compatible with Windows 11... so quit trying

Either A) stick with Windows 10 (which is not a disgrace), or B) Purchase a new modern PC