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Windows 11's last update is slowing down our VPN connection to less than 1Mbps

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The latest windows 11's update (KB5026372), released on 2023/05/09, is slowing down our internal (windows built-in) VPN connection to a point that it's impossible to work. It's allowing us connect, but the internet speed drops to less than 1Mbps, as shown in the following screenshot:



The only "solution" we came up with is to uninstall that update and it starts working as expected again, but I don't like that solution since we should keep the computers updated in order to get the best performance.


PS: I don't know if this is the right place to post that kind of issues. If not, please tell me where I should post this.

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Same Issue here with KB5026372. 4 Users complain about slow VPN Connections
We have the same issue too. It's been months now. I've uninstalled KB5026372 and paused the automatic updates but that's only a temporary and potentially dangerous solution.
Any news?

It is now July 6th. Has Microsoft made any updates on this issue?


The fix for us was to enable the "routing and remote access" service, set it automatic (delayed), then start it.



Hello Guys!


I had the same problem, but 3 solutions might help you guys as well! I'll try my best to help!
I am not an employee of Microsoft and so its from my own 5 years of experience with Windows.


Solution 1:

Try to run this script using Powershell! It disables the updates not uninstalling them...



Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Force
Install-Module -Name PSWindowsUpdate -Confirm:$False
Import-Module -Name PSWindowsUpdate -Force$
BadUpdateList = "KB5026372"
Remove-WindowsUpdate -KBArticleID $BadUpdateList -IgnoreReboot

BadUpdateList = "KB5026372"
Hide-WindowsUpdate -KBArticleID $BadUpdateList -confirm:$false


It Hides the updates and might help you!


Solution 2 (the one that fixed it for me) : 


I went through Settings > Updates > Update History > Installed Updates ( or packages )
The Uninstalling Update button helped me spot the update first, then uninstalled it.


You can do the same thing using control pannel by going to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features and then click on Installed updates, then find the update and uninstall it. 

Solution 3:


Personally i would recommend you to skip the version, apperantly you are able to skip the version by going one version above it in Beta or Dev channels in Windows 11.

I upgraded to Windows 11 Moment 3 ( Canary Channel ) Which says that the Canary channel is bulids that is not gonna be soon released for public, Since its higher version... it skipped the update for me.


Windows Insider Canary Channel ISO:


At the bottom of screen, select the edition and choose the Canary one: Bulid 25905 or later.
Select language.
Download the ISO and upgrade or format. ( For format it deletes the update itself, for upgrade , when its done upgrading and you're in the Computer, you need to uninstall the old update (KB5026372) yourself using the method mentioned in Solution 2)




Feel free to let me know if it helped, or come back for more questions.


Ehsan G.

@MrJoeT they released some updates but none of them seems to fix the issue automatically so far

This worked for me too. I tried this fix on one of the affected PCs and now it's working as it should. I'll try it on other PCs too and I'll get back with news.
confirming that this fixes the issue. I just tested on more machines and it's ok.
Enabling the "routing and remote access" service on delay worked great for me, thank you.