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Windows 11 Pro (FQC-10545) Install


Hi, We have a customer who bought Windows 11 Pro (FQC-10545), but he realized that he couldn't install it because he wants to use it in a Macbook (and install it via BootCamp). He asked if it is possible to do the downgrade to Windows 10 Pro, so he is able to install it. Would be great if someone could guide us here.

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Hello NitkaMittal!

Sure, we'll guide you as much as we can.

I am not an microsoft employee but after 5 years of Windows experience, i do know to install Windows 10 Pro, You DO NOT need to downgrade your product key or serial or anything. To install Windows 10 Pro just make sure your Windows 11 Product key is for Windows 11 Pro! So that after installing Windows 10, Your activation is gonna be right.

Please notice that the customer you have keeps the Windows 11 Disc installation unused and useless, Unless they needed it to upgrade again from 10 to 11. Only the product key on the box is needed, So let them know about this situation.

However, To install Windows 10 on MacBook after 3 years of experience , i do know that you just need to download Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft's Website which i'll put the link for you, and mount or write it to a USB... If the MacBook is almost after 2019 or late 2020... You don't even need a USB.

Newer MacBooks use the ISO itself. Please note: Your Windows 11 Product key might not work in Windows 10 Setup installation, It might work but there's a high chance it may not. In that case, Use a KMS Generic product key which is: 


( These product key's does not activate your Windows 10, its only for just passing the Windows 10 Setup, You may just skip using the Skip button but just in case you needed a generic key )

Once Windows is installed, Use your Windows 11 Product key to activate your Windows 10 Pro. And thats everything you need, Its Done.


Feel free to reach back if needed. Here's the microsoft ISO Download link for Windows 10 Pro:



Ehsan G.

Thank you Ehsan

Before proceeding with the installation, create backups of your important files to prevent data loss. Download the Windows 11 Pro installation media from the official Microsoft website or obtain it through other legitimate channels. You can use a USB flash drive or burn the ISO file to a DVD to create a bootable installation media. Insert the bootable USB drive or DVD into your computer and restart it. Make sure your computer is set to boot from the installation media. Follow the on-screen instructions during the installation process. You will be prompted latest zambia news to select the language, time zone, keyboard layout, and other preferences. When asked to choose the installation type, select "Custom" to perform a clean installation on the desired drive....

@zedlouder97 Thank you for the recommendations

You're welcome.

Feel free to reach back if there's anything else.

Ehsan G.