Windows 11 on identical computers

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My partner and I each have identical ultralight Lenovo laptops. Both show/showed "Great News" etc (ready for Win 11) in Windows Update. One received the update 5 weeks ago; the other has not. Whassup?Win

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Hello @ShirazSun,


You can use official PC Health Check app to determine Windows 11 eligibility on another system not received the update.


If you get This PC meets Windows 11 requirements with PC Health Check app, then you can try manual upgrade:


Or you can also use Windows 11 Installation Assistant which you can download from here:


Hope this helps!

@Kapil Arya 


Thanks very much! PC Health Check fine so I've downloaded the installation assistant and will run this afternoon. Best wishes!

@Kapil Arya 

Up and running on Win 11 w/o issues. Thanks again.

Glad the issue is resolved, thanks for your update!