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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Windows 11 Notepad bugs

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I am experiencing multiple issuse with Notepad on Windows 11:


- When editing a text of more than 10 lines that ends with an empty line, it is impossible to click onto the last text line. The cursor will always jump tothe empty line instead.


- If the Notepad window is not very close to the top of the screen, the Edit menu ("Bearbeiten" in German edition) will not drop down but UP! It extends over the top of the screen, so that the first menu items are not visible.


- The menu shortcut keys have not been translated to German. To open e.g. the "Datei" menu (file), all previous Windows versions used the Alt+D key. Now I must press Alt+F, which is very inconsistent.


Windows 11 Pro Build 22000.556, Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.556.0, all updates installed, 175% screen scaling.


Is this the right place to report bugs? Will this posting reach some developer who will try to fix it? The was no answer to my previous bug report here.

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You may open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report these issues. The Feedback Hub app is the best channel to report bugs and problem and also request for new features.

Perhaps try posting the bug here:

I also have another bug:

There is a bug when trying to select some text (using a mouse) in the middle of a sentence, instead, the selection started from the end of the line, rather than only the email address I was trying to select right in the middle of the sentence. I think it was working fine before this, in terms of selection. Workaround is to use the keyboard Shift + the arrow keys to select text.

Another bug I have noticed, is when selecting text and using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C, to copy, the text is not copied into the clipboard. It works when I use the mouse to right click and copy.

Would really appreciate a fix for this. I use Notepad on a daily basis for work. Version - Notepad 11.2112.32.0


Thanks for your advice. I have sent a Feedback Hub report, and now installed Notepad++ which is mentioned in that Devblog post. That will replace both Windows Notepad (after 20 years of usage) and UltraEdit 10 (after 10 years) for me.
Thank you for sharing feedback.
In case you are a software developer , you may try Visual Studio Code too.
Take a look at:



I encountered issues with Notepad in Windows 11 as well. In contrast to earlier Windows-versions, some annoying bugs were fixed in Notepad in Windows 11. But on the other hand, it seems to have received several new (and even more annoying) bugs in return...


In my case, it had to do with inserting a special character using the ALT key and the numeric keypad. Inserting a character that way seems to work fine at first. But a second attempt fails with a "garbage" character and subsequent attempts fail completely as if that functionality is blocked. Copying the text in the clipboard, restarting Notepad and pasting the text back from the clipboard seems to be the only "workaround" here.


IMHO, abandoning Notepad and switching to an external text editor seems to be the most effective practical solution. As I see it, Microsoft lately seems to become overwhelmed with these kinds of bugs, resulting in fix times of several months or even years (if such bugs get fixed correctly at all), so I personally have no hopes there.


Until shortly, I was only "slightly" annoyed by trivial new bugs introduced in new updates of complex applications like Visual Studio (not VS Code, but the classic multi-gigabyte full development environment). But now it seems that such trivial bugs also find their way in simple applications like Notepad. With this development, I'm starting to worry more and more about the current and future quality of Microsoft products.

one more big bug: is impossible to save page settings, everytime the window is closed it looses all settings:




winver: 22H2 SO 22621.819

Notepad: 11.2209.6.0

When clicking with mouse right button on notepad app icon to view the list of recent / pinned txt files, as I click on any one of the listed files a message is shown that says that the file is not available, as it could have been ranamed or moved or deleted, but the file exists, has exactly the same name and is placed in the correct shown path.
Windows 11, updated with win updates up to 10 jan 2023.

I am not sure if adding it here helps in any way, but this problem bugs me for a long time now and there is no information anywhere from what I see about fixing it.

Really boggling how such generic text editor features are problematic in the *newest* and supposedly *best* text editor, I am switching away from notepad 11 for quite some time...

There are third-party bug tracking platforms where users can report issues with software, including Windows. While Microsoft primarily uses its own channels for bug tracking, posting on these platforms can sometimes attract attention from developers or other users who can offer assistance.