Windows 11 is the worst OS I've used after Windows Vista!

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I am really not a fan at all!


Firstly the default position of the start button is so Inconvenient and if its center aligned it doesn't even remain in the same place. Windows 11 is basically more of a design update to Windows 10. No new or rather user friendly or productive features except for running android apps are present.


Start menu is terrible! It has lost its classic touch. Only pinned apps visible, you need to click a button separately to view all apps. Start menu can't be resized, full screen start absent, no live tiles (biggest let down). The WiFi, Sound and Bluetooth bar adds to the inconvenience. Why open all of them if you just want to change the settings of 1. One drive is also not stable.


Settings look is OK. Not very impressive. App logos OK. The earlier ones were much better. The Chat, Switch Desktop functions are pinned to the taskbar all the time and cannot remove them. Very annoying. Preview peek desktop on hovering cursor is also missing. I personally liked the feature.


Long saying short - I would prefer to use Windows 10 rather than Windows 11 or would even like Windows 7 better than Windows 11. Clearly Windows 11 is just a design update of Windows 10 other than the Android apps. Might as well add the feature to Windows 10!


Clearly an unplanned, inconvenient, hard user interfaced and unhelpful operating system. Currently what I feel is that looking at the scenario now I am thinking that Windows 11 will be a fail. No better than Vista. Doesn't provide with any useful features.


I would say that this nothing else but a Downgraded OS.


I would be highly obliged if Windows 11 would be reworked upon .


I am an enthusiast in the field of computers and I'm keen on trying out new features!

Hoping to see a much modified Windows 11 on 5th October.


Yours faithfully,

Arin Swadi

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Hey @Arin_Swadi 

I'm sure many will agree with you on some points, and yes the most obvious changes are on the front end, and there are certainly personal preferences to every UX. 


Some of the things you point out are configurable in the settings already, so I'd encourage you to explore those in more depth as you may be happier with the result (app alignment, pinned items like Chat, etc.). I feel the most constructive take-away from your post is a desire for more configurability, and that is something I'm confident everyone will be able to agree with and would be something the designers would be willing to consider :)


Take care.

Yes they can be changed but like most are to be done through the Registry Editor I believe.
I believe that we should be able to change very easily. I can change the appearance of the start menu also through registry but I believe users should get better functionalities by default.

Respect your opinion.
Thanks a lot!
I am a Senior Systems Engineer for mid size company. Windows 11 is so bad I would rather bring back Windows 8 or even Vista to my end users. Windows 11 is absolutely the worst OS for productivity I have used in a decade. I guess it is pretty but that counts for absolutely nothing to people who want to get work done which is absolutely more difficult on Windows 11 than it is currently in Windows 10. It's seriously disappointing I honestly am in disbelief how bad this OS is. I have already told my VP to skip this iteration of Windows maybe three years from now it will finally be ready but by that time Microsoft will probably retire the OS just as it's getting good like they are doing to Windows 10. It's is painfully obvious that Microsoft created and released this OS out of greed to make their OEM partners happy so they can sell computers during the up coming holiday season. Windows 11 is not ready for prime time release. The start menu is atrocious, search is worthless, the widgets are useless, functionality that could be accessed with one or two clicks in Windows 10 are now buried in multiple submenus in the settings app, app organization is gone, the taskbar is useless you can't separate apps it forces you to group them all together, multiple monitors sucks, I could go on and on, but I'm tired. I've tried to use this stain of an OS for two months and it's been just painful. Maybe it will get better but that will take at least a couple years of features and upgrades added before it's even close to being as productive or functional as Windows 10 currently is.
i tried windows 11 for a couple of hours.
i was hoping widgets would be my life life for live tiles as i love live tiles. my shock is apart from a couiple of microsft widgets there was no entertainment widgets, actually i couldnt find any widgets outside microsft choices even news feeds were made to put in widgets place unless microsf thas a different meaning of widgets. but no netflix no disny no ebay no amazon widgets is prety bad for a major player like microsft. actually it gets worst yet. you cant drag and drop shortcuts from start menu, edge still doesnt open a new tab to your default homer page, you cant even change explorer on default apps because the 10- selectione 2 dont change so explorer left as default. bing adress bar in thew widget area sucks and news feed cant be turned off.

for say people with 2 in 1 devices you know the ones that cost up to 1800 pounds were left in the dark for media consumption which is literally amazing but not surprising. micropsft often release fixes slowsly well slowly is unfailt very very slowly to non existant seems more apt at this stage.
I really am fed up with all this forced advertied bs microsoft seems intent of slinging our way. they simply dont care about users. Windows 11 is sadly the furthest os from a windows platform i have seen and a step backwards or three from what windows 10 was and im only scratching the surface. i hear folders dont have thumbnails.
Hello, if you wish, you can roll back to Windows 10. The start menu and taskbar can be left-aligned though. You can use 3rd party startmenu. Windows 10 will still be supported until 2025.
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I agree, cause Windows 11 is so laggy when I zoom! I'm just a student and Windows 11 ruined my school experince! with lag! NEVER EVER. Going to upgrade to Windows 11, I rather stay on Windows 10 forever. Even though it's already reaching end of support.
Yes search is To be honest faster than Windows 10 but the start menu is a little inconvenient. The people with a touchscreen PC will find this OS much suitable.

Widgets and live tiles were a bit disappointing. No live tiles and not the "Classic" widgets.

Windows 11 has been developed quite a lot over these 2 months. Its much better than what it was 4 months ago.

Lets hope for maybe more improvement!
I totally agree Win11 is the worst OS.

I use SP7 and just found it's no easy to adjust screen brightness when in full screen mode without a keyboard.

The UI is not smooth, really hate the lag (maybe because SP7 don't have a dedicated GPU? but that's something to consider you build an OS, and SP is not a very old machine )

Really annoyed that I can't get rid of distracting "news" in widget menu (more like content farm stuffs, and I'm not interested in entertainment news, I'm not interested in what "celebrities" are doing). I need to stay focus. That MS "News" implementation in Win11 is more annoying than Win10. We paid the OS (hardware price included the OS right, and I do have a separate Win license for desktop), don't try to further monetize from pushing garbage contents to users.

Good that I have a Macbook pro delivery to me.
Then don't use it. Its simple. I mean, to complain about a start menu, just move it. Or don't use it all. Go get the Windows XP disc and use that. So simple. You do not like, dont use it
Then go back to windows 10, or whatever, you dont like it, dont use it. but to complain about stuff that you can change is amazing. Almost everything people complain about, can be adjusted to how YOU want it. YOU can always go build your own OS... not that big of a deal

@davidpetree2 why respond lkike that. windows 11 is greta its reliable and works well but there is alot of stupid things like no third party widgets, instead you get a few microsft options that most people i know wouldnt use.  i want widgets, so im gona let people know this.  like skype not working on 11 on desktop and laptop for a day. or say not being able to drag start menu icons over too desktop. its all about moaning so changes might happen.  but apart from windows 8 which took me a month t0 use ive always been a windows fan, i just dont think microsft are. look how live tiles was abandoned years ago and left to users to put up with and i love live tiles.

Windows 10 will be supported till 2025 and making change to the operating system has advantages and disadvantages. You may share your feedbacks using the Feedback Hub app too.
You have options to customize the taskbar and place them on the right and Microsoft will consider feedbacks in order to improve their features. They might not follow exactly as what you said but they listen to general feedbacks and those which have a good vote in the Feedback Hub app.
Just came here to wholeheartedly agree with you, except compared to this utter dumpsterfire of a non-operating system, vista was a breath of fresh air.. It's almost as if microsoft looked at the daily life of a sysadmin and thought to themselves "How could we make their lives 1000 times more horrendous than it already is"..
And lo and behold, Windows 11 was born, even though it was a clear miscarriage, they still managed to shove it down our throats..

As far as I'm concerned, TPM is the only saving grace, because it just means there's a few less machines out there that they have managed to mutilate

@Arin_Swadi Or you can just buy a M1 Macbook Pro like I did and give up on Windows all together. I took a chance and bought an M1 at Costco to try it out and man what a great decision! The OS feels like it's super solid built by the highest level of detail and craftsmanship and the processor is just a monster! It makes my Thinkpad look stupid b/c the M1 gets 2 days of battery life without stepping down performance at all and runs as cool as a seal in the artic. It's also like having a dedicated gaming GPU in your laptop without any of the battery drain or heat. 


It took a while to get used to some of the OS X stuff like the way it handles cut and paste but it was worth it. No crashing, apps run faster than ever, laptop runs cool and I never carry around my power plug because I never need to charge it! My Thinkpad gets 3 hours on a good day with the wind blowing in the right direction and as soon as I start doing anything intense, that battery life goes down to 1.5 hours. 


I feel like I need a nuclear power plant just to keep a Windows laptop running when doing anything like video editing while the M1 uses unicorn farts and solar panels to tear through video editing and heavy sound work. Frankly, if I was Intel or Microsoft, I would be so embarrassed. 


I am never going back to Windows. M1 for life!!

Yeah what we really need is 3 more control panels am I right bois

@neonatari No, what we really need is just 1 control panel that hasn't been stripped of 99% of it's functionality, so we can actually troubleshoot and fix simple issues like we used to be able to.

Not whatever travesty this is

but what if the new ones have half the usability but look rounded and more macos like?
If they have half the usability then they are trash, but I don't see the reason why for microsoft those things have to be mutually exclusive, though apparently it is because they've been dumbing down the os left and right
come on what u dont like having two different control panels? u sound very hard to please. be happy with product get ready to consume next product