Windows 11 HDR Causes Mouse Lag

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This is an ongoing issue I am having when HDR is enabled. When the PC goes to sleep (or while using some apps) the mouse becomes laggy and turns to a transparent gray upon awakening. Pressing ctrl-alt-del resolves this issue but only temporarily. There is a reddit thread here discussing this issue in more depth:

One user reported this fixed, but the issue reappeared a few days later.


Some feedback from Microsoft would be appreciated. 

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I am the user that talked about the issue being fixed. I have a gtx 1060 and am running latest nvidia drivers. But the issue has reappeared and still no fix.

Any chance you are also running EVGA precision x1 for GPU tuning? For some reason, it uses almost 20% CPU usage and when I force quit the app everything works again for a short while. Also when I am gaming my system performs flawlessly. It's been taking me a while to get to the bottom of this bug.

@JonahSchiavone I'm not but I do use an EVGA GTX 1060 for what its worth


If you can use HDR, it might mean that you are using a television, not a computer monitor. Most recent televisions, meaning all that support HDR, have video processing that creates up to 750ms of video lag. To keep audio and video in sync, these TVs artificially introduce an equivalent delay in the audio. When looking at a movie, you don't really notice that what you are looking at is 750ms later than the source (Blue ray player, Youtube app etc). BUT, if you are mouving a mouse pointer or playing an action game, such a lag is extremely anoying. This is why most of these TVs have a "Gamer" mode that disables all video processing and any lag that comes with it. Try this, that's what fixed my "Mouse lag on windows 11" that plaged me for the last two months. I sadly did not noticed that it started when I swapped my moniter for a fire TV!! :( :( :( :( !!


How can think use hdr mean used tv ?

Laptop use hdr display example aero 15 model can enable hdr. :\ 

When using a TV as a PC monitor, try looking for a "game or PC mode" picture setting, this should lower your input lag. On a Hisense TV I usually use "Filmmaker mode" for viewing content, but it has lag. I set HDR Game mode, it's much more responsive.

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Moving mouse around very, very slowly keeps the cursor bright white. When hovering the cursor over eg. an HTTPS link (or any other object that does something if clicking left mouse button), the "normal" mouse cursor changes it's appearance to mid-gray. Also the size of the cursor is smaller. The cursor position updates roughly every one second. Sometimes it seems that the cursor does not want to move at all.