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i there

We exprience some weird problems.

Autopilot Windows 11 device and this with the option "user driven" that is no problem.

But when we want to add the device to our tenant with the option "self-Deployment" the device does not get the given name and you can not log in.


All of the above works like a charme with windows10.
Any ideas what could be wrong




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Hi Eric, we may need a bit more information here on how you are deploying the device. If you are unable to have users login once it reaches the desktop, and it’s not assigning the naming profile you created, that seems like a few different things could be happening with your config. I recommend you reach out to support so that we can to dig deeper into logs to understand what’s going on.



I will make a ticket indeed. But also here step by step explain what we do
just as clear, this works perfectly with windows 10

Step 1. We made autopilot deployment profiel.

Deployment profile Fons Vitae Desktop Company Shared inclusive Helllo
Convert all targeted devices to Autopilot
Device type
Windows PC
Out-of-box experience (OOBE)
Deployment mode                         Self-Deploying (preview)
Join to Azure AD as                        Azure AD joined
Language (Region)                         Operating system default
Automatically configure keyboard Yes
Microsoft Software License Terms  Hide
Privacy settings                               Hide
Hide change account options         Hide
User account type                           Standard
Allow pre-provisioned deployment No
Apply device name template           Yes
Enter a name                                     FDCS-%SERIAL%


Included groups                                SCG_FDCS
Excluded groups

So after uploading the Windows 10 device hardware HASH (DELL Latitude 3420) to Autopilot and putting this in to the Group SCG_FDCS the deployment profile kicks in and all is good.

Same device but with Windows 11, device hangs on country selection page, or with luck login page that does not works.

again to bad that after i reach to support with many details
You get the question "can you give me detail"
Why, and why is there for paying customers not native speaking enigneers.

Problem is simpel
W10 with deployments no problems what so ever.
W11 with deployment device get stuck and you can not log in to this device
So in my opion W11 is not good for Intune
Thanks for the info above. Are you getting any error IDs? It's impossible to say why it's hanging without looking at the logs. No current known issue on that right now for Windows 11, but we do have some challenges with TPM on some devices which is needed for self-deploying mode.
Hi @JuanitaBaptiste
No error what so ever, got closed and reopend by microsoft ticket Case #:31597502
same device, installed W10 and W11 and the windows 10 no problem.
Dell 3420 i5 seem suitable for Windows 11. And this is also the case when we enroll the device as user driven.
The problem is the "selfdeployment"
well, i am lost
It works.
After 27e times, do the same and now the device gets the "selfdeployent" profile
And now it al good, Same recent image from usb.
only difference, now the device connected on UTB kabel, and not the wifi you get after the country and keyboard settings