Windows 11 connected and disconnected when projecting to Wireless display

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Hi everyone,


We have a few users who were recently upgraded their laptop to Dell 5510 with Windows 11. Since then they are having issues connecting to the TVs (Veon brand TV) in meeting rooms wirelessly. When we do Win Key + K to try and connect to the TV, it would connect but than immediately drop out and disconnect. 


I have make sure that these laptops have had all the Windows updates and correct drivers. The odd thing is I have another 2 of the same laptops which are not affected. 


The next things I am going to do is to update the firmware on the TVs. Before I do that I was wondering if anyone also experiences the same problem and would know a solution please?


Edit: Wow, just took one of the TV off the wall and it is actually using a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter for the casting. I will need to have a look and see if there is some sort of firmware update for the device.


Edit2: Updating the firmware on the MS Wireless Display Adapter didn't resolve the problem.




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Exact same problem here. connects and immediately disconnects from the MS display adapter E6.
bought a new display adapter_77 and same problem. yet the adapters work fine with old Win10 laptop
The machines that I was having problems with were Dell Vostro laptop but of different models. I somehow got a workaround by installing the Intel graphic card drivers that I downloaded from the Intel website, replacing the Dell OEM drivers. Unsure if you are using similar hardware but worth a try.

@Emond Lo 

I have resolved the issue with the Microsoft Wireless Display adapters in combination with the Dell Vostro 5415-5515 laptop by setting the Wi-Fi adapter to preferred 2.4GHz. However, a firmware update that enables handshake on 5GHz would be welcome.